Free essays online

Free essays online

The decision to become a nurse stems from a deep desire to contribute to the well-being of others and society as a whole. However, this decision is not without its challenges, especially during your school days when essay writing, dissertation preparation, and research become integral to your daily life. This article explores the world of free essays online:

What are Essays?

Essays are written compositions tailored to specific subjects and instructions. They can be descriptive, educational, informative, or analytical in nature. Each type adheres to a distinct format guided by the instructor. Essays consist of three primary components:

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1. Introduction

The introduction serves as a roadmap for the entire essay, introducing the reader to the topic’s background and objectives. It outlines the specific purpose of the essay and provides a clear segue into the body.

2. Body

The body of the essay presents evidence that supports the thesis statement. The writer must furnish compelling evidence to persuade the reader of their perspective. The body may comprise multiple paragraphs and should feature the topic statement, research background, and detailed findings, including statistics, figures, diagrams, and pie charts. Each sentence should transition seamlessly to the next, maintaining clarity.

The body should also include a thorough analysis and a firm conclusion that reinforces the writer’s stance. Transition elements and clarity should guide the reader through the body of the essay.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion summarizes the evidence presented in both the introduction and the body, allowing the reader to gain closure and comprehend the writer’s position. Restating the topic statement aids in reader comprehension. The conclusion should also recap the main points from the body to reinforce the writer’s standpoint.

Writing an essay can be as straightforward as one, two, three, especially when armed with the above tips for crafting an exceptional essay alongside essay samples. We take pride in providing top-notch free online essay resources to support your skill development. Below, we’ve categorized some types of essays for your reference:

While there are numerous essay types, three prominent ones are:

1. College Essays
2. Literary Essays
3. Personal Essays

These are among the most common essays assigned to students during their academic journey.

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Free Essays Online for College

Our team has curated a selection of college essay samples you may encounter as a student. Here are some essay types you can explore:

  • Application Essays:
    Before joining an institution, as a student, you will be required to write an application essay to the admission officer. In your application essay, you will be required to convince the admission jury as to why you feel fit for the slot and not any other student. Your essay must be convincing enough to have yourself admitted.
  • The 5-Paragraph Essays:
    This is a five-paragraph assignment. It strictly contains the introduction, the body which has the three components, and the conclusion. The introduction contains the major content of the assay, which is the topic statement. The introduction must be catchy enough to be able to hook the reader to the essay. Towards the end of the introduction, there should be a smooth transition to the first segment of the three parts in the body of the essay. The fifth paragraph should contain a conclusive statement that supports the statements that proceeded.
  • Interest or Hobby Essays:
    During your stay in college, you will be tasked to write about a hobby or what intrigues you the most. On this, we have also listed a number of free essay samples that would help you jump-start essay writing.
  • Personal Essays:
    Personal essays are a very different set of essays. The essay’s focus is to keep the reader hooked from the word go. Personal essays are like avenues for the expression of uniqueness and standing-out abilities. It gives the writer an opportunity to express their opinions by bypassing the structural essay format.
  • Deductive Essays:
    This type of essay seeks to expose the students’ knowledge and understanding of a book, a situation, or an occurrence. The above-listed essays are available for free online for students and institutions.

You could be looking for where to get free essays online, our able team has put together all types of essays for your perusal and study. Our essay experts have segmented the essays put together for your review. Check out for free essays samples online. We guarantee you college essays, research essays, and cooperate essays.

Below are some tips for writing outstanding essays for students:

  • Understand the instruction question before embarking on writing: This will help you to write content that is in line with the instructions of the lecturer.
  • Choice of the topic if not provided: Be sure to choose a topic of your preference and rich in content if you have the leverage of choosing your own.
  • Research well: Conducting thorough research before writing your essay will not only show how learned you are but also give you an opportunity to write an essay with rich content.
  • Have a draft: Write a draft of your work to have a rough outline of how your sentence organization will look like. This will help you spot any necessary corrections that are needed.
  • Revise and spell check: While still with the draft, you will be able to work on the grammar and have your article spell-checked. You can read out loud or ask your friends to help out. This will help you deliver an error-free paper.
  • Write your final paper: After the corrections and revisions, you have the green light of writing your paper for submission.

The above tips when followed step by step will help you deliver an award-winning essay. That kind of essay will leave your lecturers and your readers’ jaws dropped.

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