200+ Top College Essay Topics for Students

200+ Top College Essay Topics for Students

Selecting college essay topics can be more challenging than writing the essay itself. It entails brainstorming various ideas and evaluating different topics, which can be quite challenging for many students. This article presents a compilation of over 200 of the best college essay topics to inspire your writing.

Before delving into the topics, it’s essential to understand the tips for choosing excellent college essay topics. Knowing the characteristics of good essay topics is also crucial.

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Tips for Selecting Outstanding Essay Topics

1. Generate Multiple Ideas: Begin by brainstorming various topics to come up with multiple potential ideas.
2. Document Your Ideas: Write down all the ideas that come to mind during brainstorming.
3. Research Your Topics: Investigate the topics you’ve selected to ensure you can find sufficient information for each.
4. Narrow Down Your Choices: After initial exploration, narrow down your topics and select the one that resonates most with you.

Once you’ve settled on a topic, proceed with your research. It’s possible to choose a topic that seems challenging to research, so consider these questions after making your selection:

1. Can I complete the paper before the deadline?
2. Will I meet the specified word count for the topic?
3. Can I access the necessary resources for the article?
4. Does the topic allow me to demonstrate my understanding effectively?
5. Does it showcase my writing skills?
6. Am I motivated to write about this topic?

Qualities of Good Essay Topics

1. Specific and Concrete: Good essay topics have clear goals and expected results that are met after the writing process.
2. Relevance: They should be relevant to the intended readers; otherwise, you might receive lower grades.
3. Current and Trending: Choose topics that address current and emerging issues, as they tend to be more interesting and demonstrate up-to-date research.
4. Significance: Essay topics should hold importance in academia, society, or the community, aligning with the subject of your essay.

Essay Topics for Various Categories

College essays vary in type, such as argumentative, persuasive, narrative, cause and effect, informative, and controversial. Here are some topic ideas for each category:

Argumentative Essay Topics for College

1. Is there excessive pressure on youngsters to attend college?
2. Should immigrants have more rights?
3. Is it the responsibility of TV shows and movies to be more diverse?
4. What impact does “false news” have on political and social life?
5. How do reality shows influence society?
6. Should English become the official national language of the United States?
7. Can we ever stop using social media willingly?
8. Do public cameras infringe on people’s privacy?
9. Should teenagers be controlled when playing internet games?
10. Should we use animal-tested cosmetics for safety reasons?

Persuasive College Essay Topics

1. Should elementary and secondary school students be allowed to use cell phones?
2. Should all Americans be required to serve the community for a year?
3. Should adolescent girls have access to birth control without parental permission?
4. Is it the right time to change immigration laws?
5. Should violent adolescent offenders be charged as adults?
6. Should students be allowed to have phones in school?
7. Comparing the Antebellum and Reconstruction periods in American history.
8. Analyzing the similarities and differences between Star Wars and Star Trek.
9. Which makes a better pet: cats or dogs?
10. Comparing Middle Colonies vs. New England Colonies or Southern Colonies vs. Middle Colonies.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

1. Traditional Education vs. Distance Learning: Which Is Better for Today’s Students?
2. Are Fascism and Nazism Similar or Different Concepts?
3. Gender Differences in Mental Processes: Female vs. Male Mental Processes.
4. Freelancing vs. Full-Time Employment: Viability and Prospects.
5. Facebook vs. Myspace: Which Social Network Offers More Opportunities?
6. Anorexia Nervosa vs. Obesity: Which Is More Dangerous?
7. Protecting Intellectual Property from Free-to-Access Sources with Reserved Rights.
8. Part-Time Job vs. Leisure Time in College: Which Is Better for Students?
9. Mobile Healthcare Units vs. Stationary Units: Which Is More Effective?
10. Actual Classrooms vs. Virtual Classrooms: Which Is More Effective?

Selecting one of these topics will captivate your audience’s attention as they involve current and thought-provoking issues. Compared to other essay types, compare and contrast essays demand strong analytical skills, offering you an opportunity to excel academically.

Informative College Essay Topics

1. Improving School Health Standards in Germany.
2. Ensuring Safety in American Football: What Can Be Done?
3. The Significance of a Democratic Political System.
4. Addressing Social Evils in Less Developed Countries.
5. Implementing Effective Cybersecurity Measures for Companies.
6. Health Tips for Pregnant Women Traveling by Plane.
7. Reducing Factory Air Pollution: Methods and Benefits.
8. Analyzing the Impact of College Dress Codes on Academic Performance.
9. The Influence of Video Games on Students’ Grades.
10. Factors Affecting College Students’ Academic Performance.

Informative essays are more descriptive than narrative and can cover serious or humorous topics.

Controversial Essay Topics

1. The Role of a Teacher’s Behavior in Identifying Child Abuse Signs.
2. The Link Between Computer Games and Real-Life Violence.
3. Prostitution’s Impact on the Canadian Economy.
4. Ethics of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide.
5. The Controversy Surrounding Global Warming.
6. Vaccination Requirements in Public Schools and LGBTQ History.
7. Ethical Considerations in Animal Testing for Scientific Experiments.
8. Assessing the Fairness of the United States Electoral Process.
9. The Inclusion of the Death Penalty in the Constitution.
10. Religious Movements and Their Role in Instigating Wars.

Controversial essays can be engaging but require careful topic selection to avoid conflicting with your instructor’s viewpoints.

Narrative Essay Topics

1. Describe a childhood playground incident where you got injured.
2. Narrate a moment in your life when you rebelled against authority.
3. Share your concerns about moral issues and why they matter.
4. Explore the concept of cowardice in its most extreme form.
5. Describe a time when you faced a moral dilemma.
6. Topics for expository essays (click here to see the remaining 50+ options).
7. Analyze the social significance of wearing school uniforms.
8. Investigate the consequences of college dropouts.
9. Examine the evolution of communication since the advent of the internet.
10. Discuss the importance of workplace tolerance.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

1. How do family vacations impact family relationships?
2. Examine the causes of environmental catastrophes.
3. Investigate the link between human curiosity and the environment.
4. Analyze the impact of technological development on nature.
5. Discuss the causes of technological advancements in Japan.
6. Explore the causes and effects of terrorism worldwide.
7. Assess how world travel influences personality and life.
8. Examine the effects of genetically modified foods on human health.
9. Investigate the impact of smoking on pregnant women.
10. Explore the consequences of stress on overall health.

Proposal Essay Topics

1. Can monetary incentives motivate better work performance?
2. Should Religious Studies be a part of the high school curriculum?
3. How can

students and teachers improve the educational process?
4. Dealing with powerful emotions in parent-child relationships.
5. Ensuring fair treatment for people with disabilities in society.
6. Strategies for environmental protection in daily life.
7. Apart from financial compensation, how should businesses reward employees?

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Proposal essay topics require careful consideration and discussion with your instructor before finalizing your choice.

These essay topics are designed to inspire your writing and provide a diverse range of options for your college essays. Remember to consult with your instructor or professor before making a final decision on your essay topic.

Funny Informative College Essay Topics

1. Honesty vs Politeness: How People Play Games and Wear Masks
2. The Internet’s Decline Due to Silly Cat Videos
3. Is Adrenaline Worth the Risk in Extreme Sports?
4. The Persistence of Skinny Models as a Modern Beauty Ideal
5. Ethical Considerations in Surrogate Motherhood and Its Environment
6. Reevaluating the Notion of Women as the “Weaker Sex” in Today’s World
7. Laziness as a Possible Path to Success
8. The Dubious Track Record of Data in the Media
9. Exploring the Consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster
10. The Complexities of Happy and Unhappy Marriages
11. Television’s Role in Shaping a New Culture
12. How Your Choice of Profession Reflects Your Interest in Personal Development
13. Unlocking the Endless Possibilities of the Human Body
14. Dealing with Errors in Various Fields: Doctors, Judges, and Teachers
15. Motivating Employees: The Stick and Carrot Approach
16. The Importance of Talent in Creating Abstract Art
17. Remakes of Classic Plays in Modern Theatre: New Interpretations or Outrage?
18. Eating to Live vs Living to Eat: Favorite Dishes vs Healthy Diets
19. E-books and Audiobooks vs Printed Publications: Can We Save Trees by Going Digital?
20. Balancing Tourism and Preservation: Should Tourists Be Allowed to Visit Historical Sites?

Reflection Essay Paper Topics

1. Does Art Truly Pay Off?
2. Can Music and Cinematography Be Classified as Arts?
3. The Magnificence of Gothic Art in Human History
4. Pursuing a Career in the Arts: Is It a Viable Path to Success?
5. Examining the Educational and Meaningful Aspects of Today’s Music
6. The Explicit Nature of Lyrics in Contemporary Music: Is It Suitable for Young Audiences?
7. The Lack of Plot in Most Recent Films
8. Modern vs Classic Architecture: Where Do You Stand?
9. The Relevance of Opera Performances in the Twenty-First Century
10. Van Gogh as a Modern-Day Style Icon

This collection of essay topics covers a wide range of subjects and ideas to inspire your writing. These topics can make your essays more engaging and potentially lead to better grades. Additionally, humorous essay topics can help capture your audience’s attention.

Good College Essay Topics

When transitioning from high school to college, professors often expect students to explore more advanced and less commonly discussed topics. Therefore, here is a list of good college essay topics that can help you stand out:

1. Are Test Scores Truly the Most Reliable Indicator of a Person’s Abilities?
2. What Aspects of the Current Tax System Need Reforms?
3. The Myth of Left-Handed Guitarists Being More Gifted
4. Exploring the Factors Behind the Increase in Adolescent Mothers
5. The Growing Fierceness of Competition in College Admissions
6. Assessing the Excessive Pay of Project Managers and CEOs
7. The Role of Gender in Military Service
8. Selecting a Quote That Reflects Your Life and Discussing Its Significance
9. What Angers You the Most, and What Actions Are You Taking?
10. Crafting a Speech for High School Students: How Would You Do It?

Health Essay Topics for College Students

Health is a critical aspect of human life, and college students are often required to write about it. If you’re unsure about a topic for your health essay, consider these options:

1. Encouraging Healthier Lifestyle Choices Effectively
2. The Impact of TV Shows Featuring Obese People Losing Weight: Harmful or Helpful?
3. Environmental Pollution and Its Effects on Human Health
4. Addressing Antibiotic Resistance Effectively
5. The Use of Drugs in Treating Mental Illness: Is It Excessive?
6. What Enables Some People to Live a Century?
7. The Influence of Internet Medical Advice on Health
8. The Multifaceted Causes of Eating Disorders and Obesity
9. Coping with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
10. The Effect of Feminism on Anorexic Women

Process Analysis Essay Topics for College Students

Process analysis essays detail the steps required to complete a specific task or create a product. Here are some intriguing process analysis essay topics:

1. The Process of Making Ice Cream
2. Strategies for Playing Chess
3. How People Choose Their Life Partners
4. Five Methods for Quitting Smoking
5. Raising an Obedient Dog: Step-by-Step
6. Tips for Nailing a Job Interview
7. Getting Started with Photography: A Beginner’s Guide
8. How Bad Habits Form and How to Break Them
9. Having a Great Weekend for Less Than $20
10. The Process of Baking the Perfect Brownies
11. Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind: A Step-by-Step Guide
12. Parting Ways with a Roommate Amicably
13. Achieving Academic Success in College: A Comprehensive Guide
14. Crafting Winning Arguments: A Step-by-Step Approach

Analogy Essay Topic Suggestions

Analogies can provide a creative way to explore various topics. Here are some analogy essay topic ideas:

1. Starting a New Job: Comparing It to Embarking on a New Journey
2. Escaping Debt: Drawing Parallels with Breaking Free from Constraints
3. Recounting a Car Accident Experience: Analyzing the Events Like a Detective
4. Falling in Love for the First Time: Comparing It to a Roller Coaster Ride
5. Reflecting on Moments of Grief: Exploring the Journey Like a Deep Sea Dive
6. Having a Good Time: Drawing Analogies with a Perfect Day
7. Choosing a College Major: Analogous to Selecting a Path in a Maze
8. Leaving Home for the First Time: The Journey as an Adventure
9. Delivering a Speech: Comparing It to Conducting an Orchestra
10. The Development of Drug Addiction: Analogous to a Slow Descent

Good Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

Exemplification essays require providing examples to support your points. Here are some excellent exemplification essay topics:

1. Individuals Who Achieved Success without Formal Education
2. Homeschooling: Beneficial or Detrimental to Students and Society?
3. The Impact of Social Media: Beneficial or Harmful to Students?
4. Discipline of Children: Necessary or Counterproductive?
5. Embracing People with Unique Characteristics in Society
6. The Influence of Embarrassing Commercials on Consumer Behavior
7. The Controversy Surrounding Genetic Modification
8. Debunking Myths About Goblins and Ghosts: Are They Real?
9. The Role of Religion in Schools and Its Effects on Students
10. The Complex Issue of Discrimination and Its Impact on Society

Essay Topics on Ethics and Society

Ethical dilemmas are important topics for discussion. Here are some essay topics related to ethics and society:

1. Under What Circumstances Should Abortion Be Permitted?
2. Dealing with Shoplifters: Jail or Alternative Approaches?
3. Examining the Prevalence of Violence Against Women and Children Worldwide
4. The Range of Animal Cruelty: From Dog Bites to Factory Farming
5. Capital Punishment

for Crimes with Profound Societal Implications: Ethical or Not?
6. Contrasting Childhood Experiences in Developed and Developing Countries
7. Understanding the Causes of High Unemployment Rates in Developing Nations
8. The Moral and Ethical Aspects of the Abortion Debate

Sample Application College Essay Topics

When applying to college, essay topics often revolve around personal experiences and beliefs. Here are some sample application essay topics:

1. Discuss a Personal Story That Defines Your Identity, Background, Talents, or Interests
2. Describe a Moment of Failure, Challenge, or Setback and Its Impact on You
3. Reflect on the Lessons Learned from Facing Challenges
4. Share a Time When You Challenged or Questioned an Idea or Belief
5. Describe a Problem You’ve Solved or Wish to Solve: Ethical, Intellectual, or Research-Oriented
6. Delve into an Idea, Topic, or Concept That Captivates Your Interest
7. Explore an Event, Realization, or Accomplishment That Sparked Personal Growth and Self-Understanding
8. Write an Essay on a Topic of Your Choice: Respond to a Prompt or Share a Previous Essay

Creative College Essay Topics

Creative essay topics encourage students to think beyond their usual scope of knowledge. Here are some creative essay topics to consider:

1. Reflect on a Situation Where You Didn’t Achieve Your Desired Outcome: What Did You Learn?
2. Share an Instance When You Had to Choose Between Safety and Risk: Explain Your Decision
3. Discuss a Musical Composition, Poem, Novel, or Movie That Significantly Influenced Your Life
4. Narrate an Experience That Completely Transformed Your Life
5. Share Your Plans and Aspirations After Graduating from College
6. Describe Your Long-Term Goals and Ambitions in School
7. If You Could Change One Aspect of Your Life, What Would It Be and Why?
8. Explore the Characteristics That Make You Unique
9. Highlight Non-Academic Achievements from the Past Two Years
10. If You Could Have a Conversation with Anyone in History, Who Would It Be and Why?
11. Share the Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received
12. Reflect on How Your Neighborhood Has Shaped Your Identity
13. If You Could Read Other People’s Lives, Would You Choose to Do So?
14. Narrate a Story That Embodies Your Key Traits
15. Describe Your Most Embarrassing Moment and What You Learned from It

In Summary

College essays cover a wide range of topics and styles. This list of 200+ college essay topics provides ample inspiration for your writing journey. If you ever need assistance in choosing a topic or crafting a compelling essay, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for affordable essay writing services.

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